Hello Franck,

I send you this letter as courtesy so you can use it if you want for your customers wishing references about you.

In February 2010, I bought a property in Miami with his help that impressed me.

I contacted Franck first through email and after few phone calls, he defined immediately my expectations!

He guided me, advised, explained me lot of things about the sale process in the U.S. and what was needed to be done in order to be well prepared.

When my husband and I have arrived in Miami, Franck knew we had only 2 days to spend on site. I have to say my trust was quickly rewarded. Indeed, everything has been organized for us, the showing of condos as well as the appointment with the attorney and other professionals of his network.

His professionalism, his listening and also his effectiveness made things I thought complicated, eventually very accessible.

I want to thanks him again for his help on achieving this project that was important to me.

I am happy of this purchase. That is why I would like to share my experience with anyone who wants to work with him.