Customers’ Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

The feedback of some of our clients may be useful for who would like to know how the work is done for you on site.

Here are below some reference letters that I hope will help you to have a fair idea.

We wanted to buy a house in Florida for years and to enjoy it a few weeks a year.
Yes, but where, with a limited budget and tons of requirements? Our project did not materialize.
One name came up often: Franck Leblond. We decided to contact him in January 2023. And there, everything became easy, obvious, stress-free.
In a few days, Franck found us a beautiful house in Pompano Beach, with a swimming pool, in a quiet location, 20 minutes walk from the beaches, 15 minutes walk from the shops.
He managed to win the sale even though 2 other buyers had positioned themselves and the seller did not want to choose us: A great pro!
Constantly available to answer our questions, our doubts, he found solutions for each problem. He is honest, straightforward, gives excellent advice, attentive: In short, a real gem!

The house has since been managed by Franck’s teams: here too, they are true professionals.
And you understand, Franck is never very far away and keeps watching: He is our guardian angel!
Now, every time we happily go to our home in Pompano Beach, we think of Franck 🙏

We are very lucky, and want to share it with you.
So why not you to be as lucky?

Anne M

Franck accompanies you from A to Z, listing research, administrative procedures, bank account, etc. He explains everything in detail so we feel really safe.
He knows well the local real estate market and above all tells you the truth. You know where you go and you invest knowingly.
His team takes care of the rental management as well. I have rented my Condo at Nine in Brickell since 2014, his management is tops and Franck is always available if questions arise, even after several years after the purchase.
If you are looking for a trustworthy person, you are where you need to be. Franck brings you peace of mind for your project.

Philippe P

Reliable service from Franck when I bought my real estate investment in South Beach in 2013. Franck helped us to sell the property in 2023 getting the best price from the few interested buyers.
The administrative procedures for the purchase and sale went well.
I recommend his service.

Jerome A

My husband and I greatly appreciated Franck’s professionalism and kindness.
Franck, thank you again for everything you have done for us, hoping to have the pleasure of seeing you again.

Dana G

A big thanks to Franck and his entire team for supporting me very well throughout my real estate investment in Florida. A real estate agent truly at the service of his clients. Thanks again.

Jean-Luc L.

Franck Leblond is top, professional and pleasant, very good advice and a great help in my research, quality customer care, I recommend +++

Marine M

I would like to express my complete satisfaction for Franck Leblond and his team for their skills, kindness, professionalism and patience, always listening to us.

Catherine S

Like us, if you are determined to buy or sell a property in all Miami and Fort Lauderdale surroundings, do not hesitate a second, Franck LEBLOND is who you need!
Bilingual “French / American English” (as French citizen, it’s important to us), professional, responsive, perfectionist and friendly, Franck accompanied us from A to Z all steps of the way and far beyond that we could have expected from a Real Estate Agent.
Both at the purchase and the resale time and also with his team of professionals on site (very reassuring for us who are in France)

Marie-Claude E

We can only praise the professionalism of this company; their skills, their kindness, their seriousness and their honesty are remarkable.
We recommend them with no moderation.

Jean & Cath

My name is Emeric I live in South of France, my wife and I love Florida. We decided to invest in a first Condo in South Beach at Miami Beach. We called Franck Leblond, got to visit condos in our required budget and ended up to get to own the property of our dreams in the heart of our favorite neighborhood facing the Miami Skyline. He accompanied us from A to Z in our project, avoiding the pitfalls and saving us our time. His professionalism and expertise also allowed us to buy in complete peace of mind, without stress. Franck is passionate, a perfectionist at heart, who takes nothing lightly. His professional conscience is reassuring. He takes care of you from start to finish without counting his hours. Always listening, he knows how to advise you on the best choice. His knowledge of Miami Beach and surrounding areas is flawless. Its unparalleled responsiveness allows you to have answers to all your questions and remove the slightest doubt if you have any.
We have decided to give the management of our condo to Franck’s teams when we are not in Miami in order to make the most of our purchase/investment. Furthermore, we will call on Franck without hesitation for our second investment in Miami in a short time from now.
If you have to invest in Miami, the only broker you need is him.
Thank you Franck very much and see you soon in Miami Beach!

I encourage as many people as possible to call on Franck for your investment and I authorize the publication of this testimony on all platforms in order to promote the professional activity of Mr Franck Leblond. In addition, I am also at the disposal for anyone to share my successful experience with him.

Émeric, happy owner in South Beach since August 2022


Hello Mr. Franck Leblond,

A little word to explain why is good investing in Miami with the help of Franck Leblond, A great professional.

I had previously invested with a certain guy named **** ** ******, who made me lose money. Not very honest…
Franck Leblond made me resell these bad investments and had me to reinvest this money in good conditions. How can I ask for more?

I am an investor looking for good returns.
Let me tell you what I think about Franck Leblond and his team:
– It helped me to set up ad hoc companies that allow me to manage my properties in the best of my interests, legally (both in France and USA).
– Regarding the purchase of the properties: all are good quality, well located and at prices that I found more than reasonable.
– Regarding the management: it’s simply perfect. His team manages the property maintenances & rents, and helps me efficiently with taxes. When I have a request one day, the answer usually comes the next one. How can I ask for more?
Anyway, I have nothing more to say than I am delighted to be dealing with him and his team.

Sometimes I find deals elsewhere that I think are wonderful, but working with another team is just out of the question.
I’ve had an unhappy experience before and I will not go for another mistake.

This all is to tell you that I am delighted to say today what I think about him.
He found me the right lawyers, the right accountant. Again, how can I ask for more?

If anyone needs answers to questions, you can ask to contact me because I’m willing to help.

Everything is so clear and simple with Franck and his team.

Good evening and happy new year to all.


Dear Franck,

I’ve just wanted to tell you about my gratitude and satisfaction regarding the purchase of my house.

Indeed we’ve arrived in Miami beginning of this year considering buying a condo by the beach.

We have contacted several Brokers and viewed a dozen of condos with no success. We were handicapped though; the language barrier of course or maybe because of Brokers who didn’t really listen to us of what we really wanted… anyway it was a 2 months nightmare.

Until I find your website and call you. The first contact was great and after our conversation I said to my wife “I think we get the right guy”. I wasn’t wrong. You asked me if it didn’t matter if I accept to get out of the Miami boundaries, so I’ve trusted you. You have gotten what we were looking for and found the house of our dream for the price of a little condo in Miami (and on just one day!).

The house is very big on the edge of a lack with ducks and squirrels. A real little paradise.

I would never thank you enough. So if you ever want to publish my letter or divulge my testimony to other people like me, there is no problem for you to do it.

PS: A big thanks to your team as well as your attorney who’s as efficient as yourself!

Dear Franck,

We wanted to thank you because as you know, it was stressful at the beginning. We were going in an unknown territory miles away from home, we didn’t speak a word in English, the distance between France and Florida could have made us afraid but you were able to reassure us, give us advices, find us our dream house.

You welcomed us with a big kindness when we arrived in Florida and with a great deal of patience, especially with me, as my husband Laurent says. You took the time that was necessary for us to visit the properties and on different administrative steps. But above all, I did appreciate your tenacity when it came to negotiate the lowest price and get the best deal.

As today we are happy owners of a property in Florida and if I can help your future clients by answering their questionings, then don’t hesitate to give them my email address.

Talk soon,

Hello Franck,

I send you this letter as courtesy so you can use it if you want for your customers wishing references about you.

In February 2010, I bought a property in Miami with his help that impressed me.

I contacted Franck first through email and after few phone calls, he defined immediately my expectations!

He guided me, advised, explained me lot of things about the sale process in the U.S. and what was needed to be done in order to be well prepared.

When my husband and I have arrived in Miami, Franck knew we had only 2 days to spend on site. I have to say my trust was quickly rewarded. Indeed, everything has been organized for us, the showing of condos as well as the appointment with the attorney and other professionals of his network.

His professionalism, his listening and also his effectiveness made things I thought complicated, eventually very accessible.

I want to thanks him again for his help on achieving this project that was important to me.

I am happy of this purchase. That is why I would like to share my experience with anyone who wants to work with him.

Hello Franck

I send you those few words to thank you about my first purchase in South Beach!
Today I realize more than ever how well it was a good idea to trust you. Your help was priceless. Indeed I was able to compare your professionalism with the other agent (seller’s agent) at the closing, who was catastrophic!! It was night and day!!!

Buying a condo in 3 days was kind of risky! But because of you, we have made a very great deal without taking any risk! On top of that you are really nice!

Anyway THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email upon request.



Dear Franck,

By this letter, we would like to thank you for your professionalism, seriousness and skill but also for your kindness.

You helped, advised and accompanied us through the whole process and led us to our goal of acquiring a property in Miami Beach. Now it has been achieved, we are more than fully satisfied. In a word we are delighted !

And because of you, we are aware that without your participation, by the options and choices you suggested according to our demand and also the administration processing, we would have had hard time to cope with all this. We don’t forget your partners who are efficient, serious and very friendly as well.

Franck please, receive our best regards and our thorough thanks from ‘clients’ who are more than satisfied.
Be sure of our best friendship from now on.