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American Real Estate Agents

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Hello everyone, today I’m making a little input since it seems more and more useful to explain to foreign investors who come to buy in the United States, the way real estate agents here function, and above all how does this way of working… which is completely different from how we know it is in France.

Indeed, we know that real estate brokerages in France have their own listings while over here, all the agents in Florida, and whatever the firm they work with,
have access to almost the entire inventory available for sale via a unique database that is called MLS: a work tool reserved for the real estate professionals.

So first, know that an American real estate agent has a license. He/she is licensed in the state in which he/she works at, so as it happens here, the State of Florida.
In a transaction, two agents:
Each party, seller or buyer, is represented by a professional agent (his/her broker), which clearly becomes their safeguard and whose mission is to defend and protect the interests of his/her client, that are different depending on whether you are a buyer or a seller of course.

The role of each is clearly defined:

  • The one of the seller’s agent, under contract with his/her client, is to sell at the best price and wait for the right questions from the buyer, if at all they arise…
  • And the role of the buyer’s agent, on the other hand, is to get the property at the best price and above all to search, to go looking for possible malfunctions which would not necessarily be claimed by the seller’s agent, so you end up to be delivered a clean and clear title of the property; lien free and from anything else.

So you got it, you understood there is no conflict of interest nor double talk to convince and complete a transaction.
We have here an effective model, supported by tools that allow us to work in complete transparency with our customers.
And I guarantee you it’s very comfortable, especially when it comes to go into detail with the client.

My advice when you buy: BE REPRESENTED. There is no question.
Don’t go throwing yourself away in the mouth of the wolf going directly to the seller’s agent who will certainly not give you presents while rubbing his/her hands when seeing you come by…

The icing on the cake for buyers, in the area and in the facts, is that the commission of the two agents is paid by the seller in the vast majority of the cases. Check that out with your agent.

To conclude, know that approximately 95% of the transactions are carried out by real estate agents.

My name is Franck Leblond, I am a real estate broker based in Miami and Fort Lauderdale to cover the entire southeast of Florida, and Florida licensed since 2005.

With that being said, happy shopping everyone and see you soon here !