U.S. Highlights and from abroad

A real Estate Explosion in Edgewater, Miami’s next trendy district. 12 May 2013 - Miami Herald News - Edition 12 mai 2013 | Par Martha Brannigan Driving the streets of Edgewater recently, Martin Melo eased the accelerator of his Porsche Panamera to point out large swaths of land his family-run firm has cobbled together for high-rise development in one of Miami’s most rapidly emerging neighborhoods.  “This four-block area is ours,” said his brother Carlos, whose Melo Group has seven condominium and apartment projects lined up in the area. “We bought [the lots] one by… Read more
Miami boosted by a building frenzy 27 December 2013 - Le Figaro Economie - Posted December 27th, 2013 (French Economic Newspaper) Asian and South American capital wealthy clients jostle in the ambitious metropolis of Florida. This is still a futuristic sketch, an artist's impression: a skyline worthy of New York or Shanghai , a forest of glittering skyscrapers, yet dashed . This project which everyone speaks in Florida called " Miami 2020". It concentrates more than 10 billion dollars of investment , 171 major projects , buildings of glass and… Read more