Dear Franck,

I’ve just wanted to tell you about my gratitude and satisfaction regarding the purchase of my house.

Indeed we’ve arrived in Miami beginning of this year considering buying a condo by the beach.

We have contacted several Brokers and viewed a dozen of condos with no success. We were handicapped though; the language barrier of course or maybe because of Brokers who didn’t really listen to us of what we really wanted… anyway it was a 2 months nightmare.

Until I find your website and call you. The first contact was great and after our conversation I said to my wife “I think we get the right guy”. I wasn’t wrong. You asked me if it didn’t matter if I accept to get out of the Miami boundaries, so I’ve trusted you. You have gotten what we were looking for and found the house of our dream for the price of a little condo in Miami (and on just one day!).

The house is very big on the edge of a lack with ducks and squirrels. A real little paradise.

I would never thank you enough. So if you ever want to publish my letter or divulge my testimony to other people like me, there is no problem for you to do it.

PS: A big thanks to your team as well as your attorney who’s as efficient as yourself!