Hello Mr. Franck Leblond,

A little word to explain why is good investing in Miami with the help of Franck Leblond, A great professional.

I had previously invested with a certain guy named **** ** ******, who made me lose money. Not very honest…
Franck Leblond made me resell these bad investments and had me to reinvest this money in good conditions. How can I ask for more?

I am an investor looking for good returns.
Let me tell you what I think about Franck Leblond and his team:
– It helped me to set up ad hoc companies that allow me to manage my properties in the best of my interests, legally (both in France and USA).
– Regarding the purchase of the properties: all are good quality, well located and at prices that I found more than reasonable.
– Regarding the management: it’s simply perfect. His team manages the property maintenances & rents, and helps me efficiently with taxes. When I have a request one day, the answer usually comes the next one. How can I ask for more?
Anyway, I have nothing more to say than I am delighted to be dealing with him and his team.

Sometimes I find deals elsewhere that I think are wonderful, but working with another team is just out of the question.
I’ve had an unhappy experience before and I will not go for another mistake.

This all is to tell you that I am delighted to say today what I think about him.
He found me the right lawyers, the right accountant. Again, how can I ask for more?

If anyone needs answers to questions, you can ask to contact me because I’m willing to help.

Everything is so clear and simple with Franck and his team.

Good evening and happy new year to all.